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We don’t just specialise in intellectual property law —we’re fascinated by it.

Intrigued by the secrets of new technologies and the elusiveness of copyrights, we closely follow the latest trends in case law and take an active part in its development (including in the courtroom).

We happily advise on the registration of trademarks and industrial designs, as well as matters relating to EU plant variety property rights, thus contributing to their protection.

Equally enthusiastic about new technologies and the life sciences sector, advertising and media law, personal rights, and copyright, we are also keen supporters the adequate functioning of fair competition rules in the Polish, EU and international markets.

We want to share our passion and engagement, and the resulting knowledge and insight, with other IPllectuals—Polish and foreign experts, people from a non-legal background, and business operators from all sectors (both those who know the area inside out and those encountering it for the first time).

We would like our blog to help readers understand not only the benefits of intellectual property, but also the risks it may carry.

We know from experience that intellectual property is present in every business. In the age of galloping technological progress, omnipresent access to the Internet, ever-emerging technological innovations and disappearing borders, neither small and medium-sized entities nor key market players remain IP-free.

We are deeply convinced that there is no need to avoid intellectual property, which should instead be embraced and explored. Even enjoyed. 🙂

We are always interested in the opinions of others, so you are more than welcome to share your own insight in the comments section.


Enjoy the read,

The IP & TMT team of WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr



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