Maria Obara-Piszewska


Maria Obara-Piszewska



Intellectual Property & TMT, Litigation & Dispute Resolution
An IP lawyer by trade (and at heart), Maria is interested in all aspects of this topic, particularly copyright law and organisations for the collective management of copyright and related rights. She has vast experience advising holders of copyright and related rights, such as radio and TV broadcasters, cable and satellite TV operators, audio-visual producers, press publishers, and internet service providers. In her free time Maria watches movies, reads a lot, runs and dances.

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Artykuły autora

It’s two years after Directive 2014/26/EU was supposed to be implemented: the fate of the collective rights management law

| Friday May 18th, 2018

The Sejm (lower chamber of Polish parliament) received Government bill on collective management of copyrights and related rights on 2 February 2018. This is good news because the proposed new...
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Colour as a trademark – the battle of red soles continues

| Wednesday March 7th, 2018

To better distinguish themselves from rivals, businesses are increasingly often using colours to mark their goods or services. For example, we will have no problems recognising Milka chocolate by its...
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