Karolina Miksa


Karolina Miksa




Intellectual Property & TMT, Data Protection
Karolina has been dealing with personal data for years, initially when protecting the privacy of citizens while working at the Office of the Polish Ombudsman, and now by seeing to it that the business world is ready for a revolution in personal data protection, driven by the implications of the new EU regulation. She advises companies operating in industries such as life sciences, postal services and entertainment. Karolina is keen on new technologies and their impact on society. She also handles matters relating to intellectual property, and broadened her knowledge in the IP field during post-graduate studies in Dublin. She collects fridge magnets and unnecessary smartphone apps.

To learn more about the author, go to: wwwk.wkb.pl

Artykuły autora

RODOsnych Świąt, czyli kilka słów o świątecznych kartkach

| Thursday December 20th, 2018

This entry is currently being translated and will be published soon....
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Personal data in the film industry – what to keep in mind?

| Friday December 14th, 2018

Personal data are inseparable from the filmmaking process. The production of films and series involves natural persons, from the director and the screenwriter to actors, extras and other members of...
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