Agata Mielczarek


Agata Mielczarek



+48 22 201 00 00


Intellectual Property & TMT
Trainee advocate. She mainly handles projects concerning intellectual property law. She advises, among others, clients from the creative industry on contracts for the production of audiovisual works. She also assists entrepreneurs in developing strategies for the protection of their intellectual property, as well as conducting due diligence of companies regarding intellectual property matters. Her interests include copyrights in particular, as well as their infringement in the creative industry. On a personal level, she is passionate about the theory and practice of painting, and has been an amateur painter for many years. She loves travelling and dreams of exploring South America.

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The commercial use of tattoos in the creative industry

| Thursday May 21st, 2020

Although their history goes back to prehistoric times, and they have served a variety of functions in different parts of the world and cultures, for many in Poland they have...
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